For over 145 years, the building at 159 Broadway has served to provide the space where hundreds of children have been and continue to be educated. While the years have brought about many changes, including even the name, the one thing that has remained constant has been the dedication of the people who support Catholic education and our school.

2016 Impact Award Winners were:

  • Mr. Rick Tarcza and Mrs. Mary Tarcza
  • Reverend Eugene Grohe
  • Mrs. Ruth Naccarato

The 2015 Impact Award Honorees were :

  • Mrs. Jean Wroblewski
  • Mrs. Kathy Pittner
  • Mr. Bernard Gray and Mrs. Beth Gray
  • Reverend John Kearney and Reverend George Hommel

The 2014 Impact Award Honorees were:

  • Reverend Edmund Burke
  • Mr. James E. Quigley III and Mrs. Joan Quigley
  • Mrs. Barbara Ahouse
  • Mrs. Carol Welsek

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Proceeds from this event will benefit the KCS General Fund.