Dear KCS Alum,

How do you remember your first day at Kingston Catholic School? With your new uniform and shiny shoes, you stepped up, into an awesome building that was much bigger than you were, and you be-came part of a tradition, walking halls that generations had walked before you. Perhaps you were excited – maybe a bit nervous, but you probably had a sense that something great was about to happen. And it did. Can you remember your last day? Leaving the familiar halls where you felt at home; saying good-bye to beloved teachers, support staff and classmates? Perhaps you laughed; maybe you cried, but if you’re like our other students, you probably felt confident –

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excited about your future and ready to take on the world! As you think back to what KCS has meant in your life, I hope you will feel something more than fondness and more than personal success. I hope you realize that through our tradition of excellence we went beyond providing a quality education; we created community leaders, successful business people, strong families and a better world. We’ve been doing this for well over a century and the work we do is more important today than ever.

Unfortunately, sustaining this level of excellence in education gets harder each year. As we see schools, hospitals and other important community institutions close, we can see both the value of what we still offer and the threat to our future. If one thing is certain, it is the knowledge that we can’t count on a future unless those we’ve served in the past are willing to step up again.

To be sure future generations of students receive the experience and education you received, we need your financial help now. As the number of Catholic students dwindles and the mandates for building and core curricula increase, it is no longer possible to cover all of our costs with tuition fees. If you can help us maintain facilities, provide scholarships and create new enrichment programs, we can maintain the tradition.

Please take a look at the alumni support opportunities and let us know if we can count on you! Please send a check today and help us give another generation of children just what we gave to you…Knowledge, Community, Service. Thank you in advance for your support!

Jill Albert, Principal