Kingston Catholic School is a distinctive co-educational school of the Archdiocese of New York. It exists to provide each child entrusted to its care with a well-structured, values based education that results in academically competent and socially committed individuals. The educational mission of the school is threefold: to impart knowledge, to illustrate community and to inspire service.

Through an educational process that encompasses home, school and church, each child learns the elements of a well-rounded core curriculum. Children acquire the knowledge they need to succeed in later life and the ability to translate that knowledge into a living spirit of peace, love and joy.

Through a combination of academic and religious study, students develop a sense of community. Children learn social awareness, values and respect for all God’s people in the community and understand their role in and responsibility for creating a better world.

At KCS, children learn the sense of self-worth that comes from service to others. Participation in school and community activities helps children develop a habit of service which in turn, develops respect and concern for the lives of others and results in unselfish and dedicated service.

We believe that each child possesses special talents and abilities; that each child has a unique contribution to make to the community, church and society and that each child will be prepared to meet the ever-present challenges of life in the world today.